Episode 11

Value over vanity


July 5th, 2023

57 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of the FIBEP Media Intelligence series, hosts Vladimir Petkov, CEO at Identrics, and Alicja Bors, Product Lead at Ruepoint, are joined by Raina Lazarova, co-founder and COO at Ruepoint. They discuss the importance of value over vanity in the media intelligence industry, and how communication professionals can prove their worth to organizations.

Raina shares her insights on the challenges faced by the communications profession, the role of industry bodies like FIBEP and AMEC, and the need for a shift from media-centric to audience-centric communication strategies. The conversation also touches on the importance of reliable data, the increasing significance of earned media, and the ethical implications of generative AI for communication and measurement.

Key moments from the episode include:

  • The struggle to prove the value of communications professionals
  • The responsibility of industry partners to bring change
  • The increasing importance of earned media in protecting and growing brands
  • The potential of AI in communication and measurement, and the associated ethical challenges

Listen to this insightful conversation to learn more about the future of media intelligence and how communication professionals can adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

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