Episode 6

Ethical AI


October 21st, 2022

1 hr 6 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

In the 6th FIBEP Media Intelligence Explained episode hosts talk with Rania Wazir, mathematician, co-founder and CTO of leiwand.ai about Ethical AI. The interview has been split into two parts, and you are now listening to Part I, where Rania talks about the broad term of Artificial Intelligence and explains what ethics got to do with AI. Furthermore, Raina talks about the lack of quality checks when producing AI systems, who is responsible for using it, and outlines the questions we should be asking. She shares her views about what it means to be innovative. She talks about the failure of algorithms in the media (and in particular the efforts to control hate speech and disinformation) and highlights the use of automation vs human intelligence. In Part II, Rania with hosts Alicja and Vlado will talk about AI and regulation.