Episode 15

Unpacking Copyright Talks & AI in Media


May 29th, 2024

35 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

In the latest Media Intelligence Explained podcast episode, hosts Alicja Bors and Vlado Petkov are joined by Christophe Dickès and Sarah Hamou to discuss the significant copyright discussions in Ljubljana and the evolving role of the FIBEP Copyright Commission.

Over 60 participants underscore the importance of copyright in relation to AI in media.
Updates shared on copyright laws from Slovenia and Italy.
Comprehensive debate on AI's impact and publisher concerns in media monitoring.

The episode explores the Copyright Commission's growth and its initiatives in response to the media intelligence industry needs, including its stance on legal support and the creation of resources like a copyright data room. It also touches on recent EU copyright legislation developments, exclusive deals, and the importance of a fair sublicensing market.